Indicators of Interest: Is She into You?

Sometimes a woman gives off fake indications of interest (ioi’s) because she has some ulterior motive, like making someone else jealous, getting a bigger tip, etc. So how do you know if she is really into you?

Many signals can be faked. A woman might maintain eye contact.  She can give lots of fake touch signals. She might play with her hair and giggle. Her body language might be focused on you. A woman might smile or wink at you. All of these signals can be faked.

A woman who is really into you will give some signals that cannot be faked. (I saw all the following signals in a 20-something lady with whom I danced this last week.) For instance, when she first sees you, do her pupils dilate? Did her eyebrows go up when she saw you?  Does it seem like she briefly held her breath? Did she take a breath that’s a little deeper than normal? Do her cheeks flush a little bit when she sees you? Is her gaze locked on you? Does she move her head inside the one-foot zone of your personal space near your head? If she does most of these, she is into you. The more of these she does, the stronger the attraction.

Does she want you to approach her?  If she does, she will attempt to make eye contact with you.  The more she attempts, the more she has invested.  Don’t necessarily approach on her first attempt.  Be aloof.  Don’t be put off if another guy approaches her first.  Make her work to get you to approach.  Start a slow, indirect approach and wait for her to attempt eye contact even if another guy is with her.  You can continue a slow approach after making eye contact.  Ask her to go chat privately with you nearby.