My Streaking Career at Duke

I had gotten accepted to Duke at midsemester and was assigned to live in a dorm belonging to a local fraternity.   I was voted into the fraternity and started going to their parties, which were cosponsored by a greek sorority whose name escapes me.  Anyway, the parties were arranged by the girlfriend of Jim, our president, and they were shacked up in his room, which was next to mine.  Jim’s girlfriend, whom I’ll call Kim, was a petite blond tomboy from Texas and she’d sometimes pass me when I was on my way to the showers.  I had a set of swimmer’s pects and a sixpack and she’d glance at them when I was wrapped in a towel.  Sometimes she’d ask me if she and Jim kept me awake at night and I’d say, “Jim’s moans weren’t that loud, but your screaming was too much.”  She’d blush and giggle and fiddle with her hair.  I’d cock my head and smirk and hold her gaze until she glanced away.  I never followed up on the flirting; I liked Jim and he was half again my size and built like a bear.  Jim also carried a lot of social clout as president.  I didn’t want to tangle with Jim over a girl.

Anyway, I didn’t think that this minor flirting was any big deal, but it apparently caused me problems later.   It was springtime.  Streaking was all the rage at Duke at the time and I had participated in a mass streaking event.  One day I was forced to streak when several guys from my fraternity chased me and grabbed me and disrobed me.  As they were disrobing me, I heard some girls giggling nearby.  I looked and saw Kim and two other girls watching.  I hid in the trees and headed back to the dorm buck naked.  It was chilly; Kim had pity on me and gave me a coat.  I made it back to the dorm.  Later I asked one of the guys who stripped me why they did it.  They told me that Jim had told them that Kim had a crush on me and she asked him to do the streaking prank, so Jim had recruited them.

Was that the end of Kim’s crush?  Hell, no!  She’d stare at my towel in the hallway when she passed me on my way to the showers and sometimes try to grab my towel.  And I’d flirt right back at her, saying, “Now’s not the right time.  Kim, just let me know if Jim is ever gonna be away on a weekend and we can get together.”  Then she’d smile and giggle.


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